Love Coaching

Manifest your Life & Love Relationship Program is a five week program for those serious about finding a compatible life & love partner. Combining the ‘law of attraction’ with solid therapy techniques from NLP, including Time Line Therapy & Hypnotherapy and coaching fundamentals, this programs readies you emotionally, physically, intellectually, energetically and spiritually for BIG LOVE.

How it works

It involves clearing out past attachments, removing negative emotions and limiting decisions about relationships, understanding your relationship behaviours and needs, creating confidence and improving self love and worth, and establishing your goals and an action plan to help you find a fulfilling and healthy relationship for life & love.

The program includes an intensive breakthrough session which is 6 hours (3 x 2hour sessions) and then 4 weeks of 1 hour coaching sessions.

The components are:

Relationship Breakthrough session: The breakthrough session is a real circuit breaker and involves a complete breakthrough from all past relationship patterns & programs.

The first two hours involves a detailed personal history and  values work.

The next 2 hour block involves a Time Line Therapy session where we eliminate the 5 primary negative emotions (anger/sadness/fear/hurt/guilt) and 1-2 limiting decisions/beliefs.

And the third two hour block we work on realignment of values/beliefs and identify/tidy up any other internal conflicts and then sets a positive framework to achieve a particular love/relationship goal.

This is then followed up with 4 x 1 hour Ongoing Weekly Coaching Sessions

1 – Self Love

2 – Someone to Love

3 – Taking Action

4 – Living in Love.

Cost: $1000 for 10 hour program. First six hours are done in one day or over two days.